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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

22. Nobody understands me. Nobody ever will.

One reason im writing this at 4 in the morning is because I cant sleep. Another is because this is sort of a cry for help even though I know nobody is listening.

When I say a cry for help, I don't necessarily mean for myself, but on behalf of the victims plagued in this world with 'cutting edge' or 'fashionable' ways of life. Both those terms are almost entirely reserved for the big industries of the mainstream in their lies created souly to take your life and make it theirs. I cry out for them too in apologies because they wont, probably just because its not cool to.

99% Of the time the truth and opinions of even the greatest minds are outspoken by lies, or are unheard or misunderstood. Simple misunderstandings and carelessness can go so far these days its ridiculous.
Huayra is the name of a new supercar by italian car manufacturer pagani. It is pronounced 'hwy-eera'. According to top gear its 'h-wy-ra'. It will now and forever be pronounced wrong just coz the bigger man wins.
Its fucking stupid.

My grandad was a hero among men. He could fix anything, and he'd ask for nothing in return.
I still maintain the fact that nobody really understood why he did it, or even understood the effort, intricacy and detail put into everything he did. Even I didnt until he was gone...
Now he is at rest though, I now share the same passion for perfection and knowledge.

Just listen past the mainstream, and a new world reveals itself in all its understated glory.
Its not hard to understand the differing ways of the little man... Yet nobody chooses to try anymore.

It makes me sick just thinking about it...

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