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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

45. "Ooooo its Friday the 13th except on a Thursday"

Thankyou again Marvin for another insightful comment.

Time for some Mini pictures!

 Door frame is now complete (ish). It'll need a bit more welding and a skim of filler before its done.

 On to the driver side floor. Definitely becoming a little more ruthless in what I cut out.

 I say ruthless... there wasn't really anything there to save!

 Thats the floor nearly removed along with all the cack-handed bodge jobs on the sill and inner wings.

 Thats Patch. One of the only... erm, things that I will allow to distract me at any time when im working on my car! Watching him climb in an out of a car that spins round when you climb in is quite amusing :P

 Patch leaves, Floor panels are in... I then got bored and moved onto another section...

 ...only to find that was bodged too. Great.

 Thats the driver side rear all welded and rust-proofed. The hole at the back is where the subframe panel will be mounted, but I need the subframe fitted to line it up properly! Thats a final job that.

 I went a bit mental with the welder here coz the metal is thicker... Couldn't resist!

After years of working on it, Mike has lost his first external body panel : (
I even video'd the event!

 My god I sound so upset . . .

I still dont understand why it ever seemed a good idea to bodge something that much...

Offroading videos and halloween costume pictures to come next time!

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