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Welcome to my blog! I am a Solo Keyboardist and Freelance Designer and a graduate of Transport Design from Staffordshire University, UK. I undertake various projects and activities including Offroading, Photography, and my ongoing restoration of my 1966 Austin Mini! I am also working on the design and manufacture of a custom Keytar called the Syblade. I'm on Youtube, Twitter, Coroflot, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and am the first result on google if you type "Jonny Stone"! I will be writing about all these activities and more in this blog. The titles are simply memorable (and largely irrelivant) quotes from friends, family or myself! I hope you enjoy my work!

Friday, 7 October 2011

44. "...walk, fly, hitch a ride on a passing horse, jump on a flying elephant, phone ET, or get a Tardis."

These were suggestions made when asked to travel to stoke when public transport was not an option . . .

Thanks vicky lol

As usual, here's a song to listen to while reading the blogpost.

Remember my single, MOTION? Of course you don't, nobody does... Well, I've re-designed the cover for it, since the old one was done in one night using a chair, my crap camera and some pretty torches, all photoshopped to my keyboard. It looked as good as the amount of time I spent on it... infact you can judge for yourself by Clicking Here!

Here's the new cover.

I might have stolen an image from google to make this!

Aswell as the new cover, I'm finally underway with Syblade prototype No.2, which has half the keys but the same 'sexy' shape. This is a concept drawing based on the prototype, which will be made for a good friend, and my first customer!

The donor keyboard is on its way, so more updates to come next post!

Oh and be sure to check out Blood Red Offroad's Youtube channel where I post videos every week of our adventures offroading. New videos are in HD with funny subtitles, so you dont have to be a car nut to enjoy them!

Right, now for some random pictures!

Never had these? You should. Exactly as they say on the packet, these are REAL crisps!

 This was a very difficult championship... and the result was surprising, and relieving!!

 My customised army helmet and accompanying rip off goggles... This is what madness and ebay do to you when combined!

 Thats patch. He comes round every few days, conveniently when i'm having lunch, and demands attention while trying to steal my sandwiches : )

 Never thought I'd have to see my dad go off in an ambulance in the middle of the night this early in life . . . good thing is it was his own fault, just a bit of food poisoning. He was fine the next day! : )

Aaaaaaaand to finish off, a stoned happy face biscuit!

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