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Friday, 2 December 2011

46. "only people with kitties can procrastinate"

You know, its been so long since I posted I can't even remember who I've quoted that from . . .

Post's will from now on be on Fridays and Mondays... and I'm not just saying it this time. I may be ill, but brain still works!
Before the regular posts though, I'll be doing one a day until I'm up to date with stuff, rather than bunching it all in one massive unreadable lump.

A few months ago I found a video of Devin Townsend Project on youtube and noticed in the corner it said "see him live in leeds on 5th November" . . . needless to say, I bought a ticket. THEN I found out it wasn't just a gig to see him, it was an entire prog metal festival! Here are some of the pics!

The ticket as it arrived!

Xerath, who I thought I'd missed, but played half an hour late. 

I haven't a clue who this is, but its pretty and blue...

This band was remarkable... yes, that is a saxophonist on the right, in a prog jazz metal band!!

Astrohenge were and are fantastic. Instrumental and without a bassist they may be, but by god their music has depth to it, and some!

Lol, Turisas . . . surprisingly awesome actually!

The signing section was actually just a corridor... it was brilliant lol

Don't remember which band this was, but I do remember that this stage had perfect sound!

Devin Townsend at the signing corridor. This was the best photo I got... nvm. I've met him before!

I have no idea which band this is either . . . I never saw them, just heard them!

This was Godflesh. Strange band. Just 2 people and an industrial drums backing track... only complaint? Too loud and not memorable for anything else.

ZILTOID THE OMNISCIENT... I know he has some relation to Devin's old stuff but I've never bothered finding out! If you're in the know, let me know too!

Before his set and during setup, Devin turned on Ziltoid Radio which hosted songs like Barbie Girl and Mambo Number 5, along with a rather interesting slideshow. Click here (when I make the youtube video) to see all the images of that!

Finally, here is Hevy Devy himself.

This was by far the most fun I've had at any gig. It was absolutely epic and genuinely inspiring.

Here's a question for YOU to answer in the comments. What's been your favourite live band performance?

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