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Friday, 28 February 2014

61. "If they spent £42million on that brown shitty building, I will brown shit on them!"

Maaaaan... It's 8 months since my last post.


JDSC has come a long way in that time however! Even if I am keeping most things a secret from the world...
The one thing I HAVE been sharing to everyone I can is the deletion of the uncatchy name "Classic Car Illustrations" and the introduction of AutoRenders. (Click to see a new listing on ebay with many goodies!)

Click the AutoRenders Logo too!

The new title and branding simply means I am able to broaden the horizons of the original 10 or 15 "classic only" cars I was going to illustrate, to the 50+ I have planned to be completed and available by the end of 2014. That's the plan anyway, chances are I'll only get half of that done... We'll see!
Here's the newest cars. I'm up to 13 now!

Jaguar E-type 2+2 - S2...
...and S3 V12

Lancia Stratos HF
 That bonnet with the air outlets took FOREVER!

I had originally illustrated the Cobra (it was the 3rd one I did about a year ago) but was never happy with it. The angle I start with didn't allow for a reg plate and somehow some of the details like the lights and wheels never quite cut it...
So, I started from scratch and did it again!
 And again in the classic shelby blue.

Last but not least, the Citroen DS Series 3, possibly the simplest and easiest illustration I've done yet thanks to her goddess like curves... which come to think of it I completed before all the cars above. Not that it matters what order they're displayed in!
Here's a "standard" DS without the different coloured roof and chrome .

Hope you're all well.
Hopefully more updates soon.
Stay creative :)

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