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Thursday, 27 January 2011

13. At least its not like . . . Derek

It feels strange trying to think of things that have happened in the past few days to put into a blog entry... but its just got me thinking. Why do i need to say whats just happened? It can be anything i want, and yet i choose to talk about what most people know about anyway...
I guess its just the way it started out really.
I never set any specific goals for this, apart from to just keep it going for as long as possible, preferrably the whole year.

Recently things have felt pretty bleak to be honest. I've missed lectures, almost missed meeting my friends, forgotten birthdays, forgotten many different tasks...

...Not good...

In the end, I ended up looking at the times i enjoyed most, rather than in the present or to the future for inspiration and motivation.
I'll tell you what, its bloody well working.
I think the simple reason for that is because, if things were better back then, something must have been going on at that time to make things better. It wont have been fate, nor luck.
If things aint goin as well as before, whatever was going on then to change things clearly isnt happening now...

So, theres a tip for anyone reading this. If you're stuck for ideas on a creative project, dont look forwards to the future of innovation. I dont care what anybody says to this:

Whether in your mind or in the world around you, look to a time when things were better. Thats where true inspiration lies...

...It'll work... It has to work...

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