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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

3. What kitten?

Time for a long rant.

Went to the dentist today for a filling. Glad my mum rang me 25 minutes before the appointment or i would have missed my 3rd appointment. Needless to say it all went well, Dr Zaman really is the man... erhem.
I also got to play with that wire thing that all dr's nd dentists have but knowhere else does. . .

Having left the dentist i found my friend going to work. He didnt believe it was me as he's never seen me in a morning...
Nobody has.
Conversation was strange as i couldnt feel half of my face, and humour arose when the thought of being attacked randomly by a kitten clinging onto my lip without me noticing came into play...(hints at title).
Having got home at 11 i went to bed and slept til 4:15. Cheers bro.

That brings me neatly onto my little rant.
My brother does most of the cooking and cleaning, and pays to live here while he works. Dad does the maintainence and covers bills n such (just).
I dont actually live here, so im not specifically obliged to do anything, so i just generally help out and try make people smile and laugh. These 2 however, just dont get that. Infact barely anybody in this blasted world does anymore. My brother could have gone and woken me up hours ago, but chose not to as its "not his responsibility". If everybody just did what was their responsibility, everything would fuck up, nothing would get done and nobody would be happy.
Its the little things in life that make the biggest difference.
Watching people in B&Q car park trying to fit ridiculous sized items into cars, whilst its wet and potentially icey & slippy.
How about this. Dr Zaman is a Prog Rock fan. Between attempts at fixing my fucked up teeth we made joyous small talk about unheard of yet amazing bands like Cloudscape and Imperium. It no longer felt like a tedious dentist visit.
How about the best known family car programme on tv. Top gear do the most outragous things to cars like taking them across the kalahari desert, or making them amphibious and crossing the channel. Exclude the paperwork and this could be done for a few grand. If you wanted a proper amphibious car that would set you back 50thousand
Almost as a rule in life, i do the things i love and enjoy, not the things i should do or have to do. I mean im sat here having just had a filling because of not visiting the dentist for years and im currently eating skittles and chocolate. Its just better this way.

Still not satisfied?
I own a mini. 'nuff said.

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