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Friday, 7 January 2011

4. Keep your foot there, I can't see your dog's udders now...

Where on earth do i start...

Wednesday was a complete failiure. I did nothing at all. This was totally made up for with thursday however : )

Lets see... cinema rocked, went to see guillivers travels. Jack Black may play an annoying lying bastard in the film, but its still damn funny.


The journey back to Tony's on the bus was amusing too thanks to tony's strawberry laces...

It was a total waste of time bringing my bag full of N64... or even suggesting what games to go on... but with PS3 and Wii games available i wasn't fussed!

The rest of the night was pretty much organised chaos. Pizza, little big planet, snowboarding, and to finish off the gaming, Buzz quiz. Sam and I sucked at the general knowledge quiz at the end meaning we lost everytime!

Anyway. The night ended with watching Inception... starting at about 4oclock... after half an hour of us all watching it, the late night took its toll on the others.
Kirsty had left by this time, Tony was mostly asleep and kept waking up at loud points of the film and wondering wtf was going on, as was natasha, james however was dead... jordan was trying to poke james but natasha somehow woke up just at the right moment to tell him off. I couldn't stop laughing : )
Its times like these that make me so incredibly happy and make me feel so lucky.

Even the walk home at Half 6 in the morning was amazing. The stars were out, there was barely any traffic... until i got to the main road, where it was busier than i expected.
I wandered slowly home thinking "why the hell would you choose to do this? To get up at this hour in the morning and set off to work?". I couldn't understand it... and yet, i loved it at the same time.
It only sank in how late it was when i went to bed at the same time as my brother got up for work...

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