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Welcome to my blog! I am a Solo Keyboardist and Freelance Designer and a graduate of Transport Design from Staffordshire University, UK. I undertake various projects and activities including Offroading, Photography, and my ongoing restoration of my 1966 Austin Mini! I am also working on the design and manufacture of a custom Keytar called the Syblade. I'm on Youtube, Twitter, Coroflot, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and am the first result on google if you type "Jonny Stone"! I will be writing about all these activities and more in this blog. The titles are simply memorable (and largely irrelivant) quotes from friends, family or myself! I hope you enjoy my work!

Friday, 11 February 2011

19. This work would be so much easier if my testicle wasnt hurting

Its not amazing what i can do when i put my mind to it. As a perfectionist i've never thought that.

What i do find amazing is what i can do even if i've half lost the will to live and cant be bothered anymore!

Fridays seem to be good days now, as for the first time THIS YEAR we're being tutored on something that actually matters... and guess what, its not by anyone who works at uni officially lol.

After 2 weeks work i've somehow come up with a valid technical drawing of my Final Major Project. The only thing to change on this drawing would be the looks of the vehicle (in red).

 Having completed (nearly) this successfully, i gave myself a break and decided to do some random cartoony rendering for a good friend. He'd bloody better like it coz i spent 3 hours on it!

For some reason though it doesnt look right...

At this stage i should feel to be getting closer to the end of everything and the start of everything else... but its not. At all.

I find myself buying things just to keep track of when things happen... but even that isnt working. I suppose if i post it on here though at least i can check back :P

It really is amazing how much of a difference taking notes or photos or any record of things. As i said at the beginning, it never feels amazing what i can do when i put my mind to it.
Turns out, given a bit of time and a bit of memory loss, that might not be true!

The only thing to say from there then is . . . Onwards and upwards i guess.

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