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Monday, 7 February 2011

18: All that thinking of worms has made me want to watch Godzilla

I dont know whether this is going to be a long or short post this time, as the only point i have to make is that i just dont understand why im not happy.
On the journey back home from huddersfield, i was just constantly thinking... it doesn't make sense. How can i have this much and be in the state i am?
In so many ways i take the 'middle way' which is supposed to be the best way to be happy... but so far as i've found out, i was happier when i had barely anything at all. There was nothing to go wrong then lol

I've got plenty to be happy about anyway. Especially when you get taken out to a meal as spectacularly indulgent as this!

 See if i can remember... haddock welsh rare bit with crispy chicken skin and butter something.

 Chicken breast with gravy and red things and a side order of proper chips

Chocolate "taster" consisting of brownie, chocolate with a hint of something fruity cheesecake, mousse, a chocolate with something in it, and chocolate icecream. Murder for the teeth this was lol

All i have to say after all this (and when i say 'all', I refer to all the good things that have happened to me over the past few years that i can actually remember) is that I simply request anybody reading this to punish me in some way if I'm ever unhappy for a rubbish reason, because with the things i've got in my life, its just not on.


Oh yeh and the title, that was derived from a walk home in the rain from tesco with marvin having seen many worms on the pavement in the wet and... nuff said i guess!

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