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Welcome to my blog! I am a Solo Keyboardist and Freelance Designer and a graduate of Transport Design from Staffordshire University, UK. I undertake various projects and activities including Offroading, Photography, and my ongoing restoration of my 1966 Austin Mini! I am also working on the design and manufacture of a custom Keytar called the Syblade. I'm on Youtube, Twitter, Coroflot, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and am the first result on google if you type "Jonny Stone"! I will be writing about all these activities and more in this blog. The titles are simply memorable (and largely irrelivant) quotes from friends, family or myself! I hope you enjoy my work!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

48. "We should put all Southerners on top of a mountain, just coz its funny..."

I won't reveal who said that but I'll happily agree with them!

Last time I posted I said it would be frequent... and it wasn't. The day after I made the "mini mondays" post was when my internet decided to allow, on average, 15 minutes of usage per day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Then ten days following, there was a power cut on my block...

Not all was lost however, as my camera still had some charge!

All these images were just taken on my Lumix digital camera, just with a 15 second shutter time.

I used to hate the dark... This was awesome though!

Here's a few other things I've been up to recently.

It was dads birthday earlier in the month, so I got out my old biro and sketched his favourite train.

Then came Christmas. I had planned on making about 8 cards and equal amounts of presents . . . I finished less than half that. Fluffy the penguin here was one of them! I'm quite happy with him, especially considering it was all hand sewn guess work.

Wednesday the 28th marked the first day my Syblade stood on a live stage. It may have only been a jam session, but it was still a proud moment.

Oh and, I bet this is the best thing anybody has drawn on one of those magic erasing slate things!

Feel free to prove me wrong!
Hope you had a good Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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