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Saturday, 22 January 2011

11. (8) Its not the end of the world now darling...

Haha, this is brilliant. Blogging on my phone :D
On my way to lincoln to see my auntie atm and couldnt help myself but notice how many errors and imperfections there are in the world. Im looking out of the window of my dads eurobox wondering things like 'why is the ride so uncomfy?' and 'why cant anybody drive properly?' and why does that scarecrow have a high visibility jacket on?' and 'why hasnt dad overtaken this van on the past 5 miles of straight lifeless road yet?!'...
The main point though, is this:

Why do I think I matter?

Just gazing out at the giant powerstations intoxicating the planet just for the sake of the worlds only advancement since candles and to gawp aimlessly at thousands of little lights randomly arranged to make millions of pounds rather than getting up and doing something creative or at least worth living for...
Anyway. Wrapping this up, the simple fact is this. I've been bored by and generally depressed by so many irrelevant and uncontrollable imperfections in my life, i'v failed to remember the grand scheme of things...and that, really, I just dont matter.

An epitomy? Not quite.
I'v just realised how insignificant I am.

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