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Welcome to my blog! I am a Solo Keyboardist and Freelance Designer and a graduate of Transport Design from Staffordshire University, UK. I undertake various projects and activities including Offroading, Photography, and my ongoing restoration of my 1966 Austin Mini! I am also working on the design and manufacture of a custom Keytar called the Syblade. I'm on Youtube, Twitter, Coroflot, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and am the first result on google if you type "Jonny Stone"! I will be writing about all these activities and more in this blog. The titles are simply memorable (and largely irrelivant) quotes from friends, family or myself! I hope you enjoy my work!

Monday, 5 March 2012

51. "what did you just stick on my head? - A decorative iron hinge!"

Aaah Little Big Planet, how your limitless creativity amuses me. Shame it eludes so many other people...

Now to something a little more serious.

Today I found out that one of my idols of the music world passed away back in December. It is with great disdain that I say goodbye to Richard Lainhart, one of the greatest minds of the synthesis world . . . Whenever somebody passes away either close to my art, or close to my heart (rhyme not intended) there's always a feeling deep inside me that makes me want to continue their work and aspire to do as they did. If anybody reading this knew a Mr Ralph Stuart Moore, they'd know I've been doing just that for a long time . . .

Time to update on my mini!!
Last time you saw it, it had a front end... Now it doesn't! Its gonna look sweeeeeet when its done lol

Remember, click the images to take a closer look.

The inner wing (above and below) had to go. It was fitted too badly to even think about salvaging!

The rear of the driverside inner wing was... kaput, to say the least. Bodge job after bodge job has taken its toll... the only thing left was to remove all the bodge and see what i had left!

That's what is left in this corner of the metal that left the Mini factory in December 1965. 

Its not much use to me though, so off with its head!

With more rust removed, the dashboard corner was replaced with new tin aswell. Next up, door post repair, then to start properly on the front end!

I'm hoping to have the car painted by the end of spring... think I can do it?

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