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Welcome to my blog! I am a Solo Keyboardist and Freelance Designer and a graduate of Transport Design from Staffordshire University, UK. I undertake various projects and activities including Offroading, Photography, and my ongoing restoration of my 1966 Austin Mini! I am also working on the design and manufacture of a custom Keytar called the Syblade. I'm on Youtube, Twitter, Coroflot, Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and am the first result on google if you type "Jonny Stone"! I will be writing about all these activities and more in this blog. The titles are simply memorable (and largely irrelivant) quotes from friends, family or myself! I hope you enjoy my work!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

53. "I'm just stood here fondling cheese because its cold..."

You know, it's getting fairly ridiculous now... Not the title... well, yes the titles are always ridiculous but that is simply because they are phrases taken at random and applied completely out of context.
No, I mean the whole "finding my calling" thing. Trying as many different things as possible no matter how extraordinary, just to see what works best.
The reason it's getting ridiculous is because they all seem to be picking up at the same rate, give or take a few... somethings. I mean, I can't just stop all but one and focus on that when I've nearly set everything up can I?

. . .

Whatever. I'll figure it out somehow.

Now for some picci's and links!

Lets start with my latest additions to Blood Red Offroad's Youtube channel.

And of course another shout out about the Beats Working Drum Show that nobody is going to this Sunday...

Now for the usual picture roll. Click to revel in their excellent quality! (ha...)

All in preparation for Beats Working and any future ventures into the music world, I've been expanding my logo's and working on various designs.

Here is the awesome Unreal Experimental album cover designed by Natasha Aldred

For my Single, MOTION, there is no CD case, just the image on the CD itself. I did however need to update it. This was the result!

Along with these, I've also got some badges on the way. These are the 2 designs I came up with.
The latter one I'm really happy with, as FINALLY I have a logo for the Syblade.

Can't wait to start building these things properly!

That'll do for now. Next post will . . . probably have more of the same, just progressed further!

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